Kate Strøm Fields is a jewellery designer passionate about spreading awareness and raising money to help endangered animals across the globe. The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented and shocking spike in the illegal wildlife trade, which is why Kate has focused on representing some of the most affected animals in her collection.

She creates sculptural jewellery to convey the beauty and awe of endangered creatures. Using sheet wax, she sculpts fragmented animal forms before having them electroformed and plated – this allows her to translate the fragility of each piece into metal. The carved and cast gun elements are a stark contrast and reminder of what is happening to these animals in the wild.

In addition Kate has employed embedded technology in her statement pieces in order to represent shocking statistics that the wearer can experience. The vibrations in the jewellery is to act as a reminder every time an animal is poached, and a digital countdown to the extinction of the five remaining species of Rhino – which could be as soon as 10 years time – is designed to disturb and alarm the viewer.

Kate’s dream is a world where more people are taking action against animal poaching, before it is too late. As an artist, she feels it is her responsibility to provoke thought, spread a message and raise funds through sales of her jewellery.

All profits raised from this collection will go to Air Shepard – a powerful new initiative that is using drones to literally stop poaching in its tracks. Where they fly, the poaching stops.